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For some reason, this appealed to me. It is, of course, a survey, which is why god gave you a wheel mouse.

I see - too little of the sun...
I find - humor in dark places
I want - to be in love, damnit
I have - so many good things, I always feel stupid complaining
I wish - aging and sleep could be removed from the picture
I hate - the fact that homosexuality makes any difference
I miss - my college friends...especially kristin
I fear - losing respect in the eyes of my advisors
I feel - sluggish
I hear - less than most
I smell - don't tell
I crave - Worms World Party, goddamnit. It shipped today!!!
I search - on google
I wonder - what happened to my drive
I regret - saying "I love you" before I meant it
I love - games
I long - You bet.
I am - not tired
I care - more than people think
I always - laugh first, and consider the consequences later
I am not - quiet
I have faith - that there is no god
I cringe - when I hear harsh words spoken between members of a family
I dance - the cross-step waltz
I sing - all the time, usually christmas carols (though these days, often 'We should be lovers'...)
I cry - only alone, watching cheezy movies, late at night
I learn - god knows, and with luck, one day I'll know how and why, and build machines that learn, too
I do not always - think about computers
I succeed - when it matters
I fail - rarely
I fight - subtly, and most often with words
I write - to see myself speak
I give - what I can
I win - at Quorridor
I never - try to offend
I confuse - myself
I listen - hard. I have no choice.

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