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acquisition is a strange disease

So I ran out today and purchased Gauntlet:DL for the PS2, and the ST to Moulin Rouge. I feel kind of dirty because it's the second major purchase I've made inside a week, and I'm far from wealthy. Wealthy is a dot to me. So I'm basically just ruining any savings for the month. And that's retarded.

BUT, on the plus side (why do I suddenly feel like ryan talking about writing a paper?), both items just rule all over the place. If you are blessed with a PS2 and too much free time, I highly reccommend running out and purchasing these two items. (PS2 not required for the soundtrack, obviously, nor the too much time for that matter...) Moulin Rouge needs no explanation unless you haven't seen it yet, in which case do yourself a favor, you poor, poor bastard. Dark Legacy continues to grow on me, and I enjoy it more the more I play it. The beauty is that it is just as pretty and intense as the arcade, and yet you have 16 characters to choose from (well, 8 to start, you find more) each of which is a TOTALLY different experience. And the really cool thing is that unlike the arcade where you'd be driven to the poorhouse after two whole levels, you don't lose life unless you sustain injury. Sadly you cannot feed in quarters, so the fact that you also don't GAIN life unless you earn it is kind of annoying, and means replaying earlier levels to regain health, keys, and magic is necessary above the easiest difficulty setting. But the replayability is just so damn high. Each level (out of roughly 50) offers new creatures and traps, baffling mazes and hidden secrets, and you are always trying to find several different types of items at once, so things don't get monotonous. The depth of gameplay continues to astound me, too. Each character has a distinct feel, with chain moves for hand to hand, and hillarious and powerful turbo moves both alone, and paired with other players. Then when all that gets boring, you can enter one of 24 codes to play as special character skins, which are functionally equivalent to one of the 8 base classes, but look hilarious. For example, you can enter the character name NUD069, and you play through the game as the S&M dwarf, complete with chaps, leather mask, studs, and cat o' nine tails. Other personal favorites are the cheerleader (valkyrie) and the chainsaw jester. And the coolest thing is this game was MADE to be multiplayer. It's in top form when 2-4 players are out on the field breakin' shit. The multi-player combos are fantastic, like the archer and the warrior who, depending on who initiates the attack a) the warrior throws the archer over his shoulder, and uses him like a machinegun for a couple seconds, or b) the warrior chucks the archer around like a ricocheting pinball for like 5 seconds.

You've probably all gone off and read something else by now, power to ya', but if you have the option, check out this game. Yeah. That was pretty much my day today. Gauntlet and chinese food. Also watched Men of Honor. Noteworthy only because it's based on a real guy who is pretty damn heroic in RL. Otherwise a waste of decent acting talent, IMHO...

Tomorrow I go to work. I'm kind of dreading that. Normally I like work, but right now, I'm trying to solve a problem that puts me in WAY over my head w.r.t. the inner workings of the lab's software projects from years past. And the one guy who knows what's going on got randomly attacked on the street Thursday. No shit. I haven't talked to him in person yet, but the word around the lab (including my advisor/his boss) is somebody literally just jumped him and beat the crap out of him. Not for money, JUST TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF A STRANGER! That's so fucked up, I'm impressed. Normally I'd exclusively be worried about my friend, and I am, but that's so far over the line, I'm kind of in awe.



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