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party at the new place

So I went to a party at the place I'll be living 'next year' (read: August) tonight. It was pretty cool, though I felt a bit out of place since I knew exactly zero people there, but taryn and cameron, who were largely responsible (from my perspective at least) for inviting me, were charming hosts, and everyone made me feel welcome, so it was all good. I looked rediculous in my 'gangsta' garb, 'specially since basically nobody who didn't live at the house showed up in costume. I changed into the other shirt about 3 minutes into the party. :) Great people, and I'm totally stoked to be living with them. I'm doubly stoked that I'll be sharing the downstairs with Cameron and Taryn, as they seem exceptionally cool and friendly. And I'm fairly drunk at this point. I'm a little disturbed that I drove home... Realistically I'm probably only dealing with ~2-3 beers at this point (or was when I was driving, more to the point), so I was probably within the letter of the law, but I hate driving with any alcohol in me at all. It's borderline at the best of times, and I know I'm putting others at risk when I do it, so it kind of freaks me out. But, given the alternatives...

Next time, of course, "if you lived here, you'd be home by now", so it won't be a recurring issue, thank god.

::rambles interminably::

right. 'night.

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