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Moulin Rouge

that movie kicked so much ass I cannot even begin to explain. The coolest thing is that I just went 'cause some friends were going. I'd never seen a preview, and all they told me as we were going in was that it was a musical. Fucking awesome. I won't go on, since I don't want to spoil anything...

In other news, the gangsta party at 917 Ann is tomorrow, and I got a wife-beater to wear. boy howdy do I look like shit in a wife beater. I'll be bringing a change of clothes to switch to once things start to calm down. good god. I'm not usually all that ashamed of my appearance, though I certainly wish I could lose my 20 lb. gut, but when wearing a nice tight wifebeater that snugly outlines my belly and bares my oh-so-white and muscle-free shoulders and disturbingly hairy (and also white) chest, I'm a shade insecure.

looks like Titus has shipped WWP finally, so I may get it before hell freezes over. it's up to UPS and Amazon now. God speed.

Now I have the pressing and difficult decision whether to spend the wee hours sleeping (that'll happen) playing nethack, or playing Gauntlet: Dark Legends. I think that game would be more fun with more players and higher difficulty...

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