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Well, as salerno pointed out to me, I suck balls. Granted, he phrased it differently, and I wasn't actually sucking his balls at the time, but the point is valid. In particular I haven't posted in a very long time.

I wish I had the diligence and creative stamina to write a book or something. Literally, I mean. I'd love to write a book. But it would never happen. I'd be lucky to get a chapter.

I bought new glasses today. Expensive things, glasses. But it's nice to be able to see through my lenses again. Turns out they weren't scratched, the glare coating was separating off of the lenses, which amounts to the same thing functionally, but it's still wierd to think that I couldn't see because my lenses were delaminating...

I also got a pair of prescription sunglasses, for the first time, 'cause they were on sale, and I got a discount on the second pair, so they were really cheap. Nice thing to have. I used them today, and it made me happy.

In other news, I met the current residents of my new house, half of whom will still be living there with me in the fall. Cool people. We're all throwing a party at the house on the second, which promises to be much fun. Gangsta theme. Everyone is encouraged to wear wifebeaters and baggy jeans and bandanas and it's BYO40, as in bring your own 40. I'm helping with decorations.

A new gaming group started up at work, so I get to play board games on Wednesdays in addition to the regular Cosmic sessions (which were just improved dramatically by the introduction of my full set).

I just brought my Torg set out of storage, and it's driving me crazy 'cause I really want to play. I need to find a local Torg group if there is one in Ann Arbor. It's been out of print for a couple years now, which is a double edged sword. You are pretty well guaranteed that anyone still playing Torg is a serious gamer, and knows their shit. On the other hand, you have to find them, which is problematic. Especially if you are as estranged from the gaming populace as I have become...I don't really have time to run my own game, though I'd love to run a session here or there if I could find a group. ::sigh:: I just want to reincarnate Bl'anda, the Giantess Priest of Ugorl from the disc world of Asyle.

The vacation to portland, santa fe, and eugene was a nice break. It was good to see everyone. The family reunion in santa fe was exceptionally cool. I love my family.

Didn't get to see Ryan enough. We've negotiated at length, and decided to blame Kris. It seemed the only fair option, and he's about to leave town, so he's less likely than usual to try to defend himself. :)

Eugene trip was a little odd, though. I felt sort of melancholy the whole time I was there. I have no idea why. I could have made way more effort to see people down there, and instead I just sat around like a lump and hung out with whoever made the trip over to Kris' place. In retrospect that was pathetically weak of me, but sadly it is only the reddest eye that has the 20/20 vision... At least I got to see some people, and meet the folks Kris has talked so much about down there.

Probably more things I could talk about, but I sort of lose track. Watched Lock, Stock, and 2SB tonight. Good flick. Not as good as Snatch, but definitely entertaining.

So in closing I leave you with this month's Despair, Inc. calendar:

When birds fly in the right formation, they need only exhert half the effort. Even in nature, teamwork results in collective laziness.

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