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Feelin' good.

And I am, too. Well...lessee. I lose track of what I've posted to LJ, and what I've just been talking about with my friends... Big events in the past week:

Been playing more Cosmic. God it's good to be gaming again. Damn. And there are rumors to indicate the group might even branch out from CE, given time. I'm ecstatic.

Signed the lease on the new house. These people seem incredibly cool. I'm so excited they decided to let me join them. More about that when I move in come August. (I'll be staying in their 'party room' for the first month because the lease doesn't start 'til September. Yay for sleeping under a disco ball!)

I got the new vim book! It is a fabulous book, and I have already learned carloads of cool tricks. How stoked am I.

Finished my AI project (for the class...the research is not the sort of thing you 'finish'), and took my last test of the term, so I'm done. And with flying colors, I supect. Feelin' good about that. You bet.

Went out with Mel again last night. She hadn't seen Memento, so I watched it again. I have confirmed my theory to my own satisfaction, though it is not a movie about black and white clarity, so that's open to debate. Excellent film, even the second time around. Wow.

I got my new keyboard! See earlier post for details. It is everything I hoped and more. One annoying thing is that since it's USB, I have to use another keyboard to do anything while the system is booting (like choose between linux and windoze at the menu). But my other HH 'board is PS/2, so it's all good. I just plug both of em in, and leave the one I'm not using on the tower or the monitor. Hell, two HH 'boards are STILL smaller than one normal (let alone 'natural') 'board, so what's not to like?

My advisor has revealed extremely cool plans for the summer. I'll detail those as they become concrete, but basically I get to sit in a well decorated room with 10 brand new Intel boxes, comfy chairs, and some other students (some grad, some under), and work on a massive AI based Unreal Tournament mod. Have I mentioned that I love my life?

The code I was working on for my research turns out to have already been written. I'd barely started, so this mostly just saves me work. Very cool. Now I can focus on actually getting a bot working with the node functionality. I've created the node-file, so now it's just a little soar coding. (A Simple Matter Of Programming, for those who know the joke.)

Yeah. Well, back to it.

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