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First off, my roommate's mixed CD continues to just kick bootay all night and all day. I realize that a summary of any ten of my journal postings could fit in the space of two individual posts. Some things bear repeating. Deal.

Secondly, I just heard back from the ORIGINAL house I wanted to move into. The poor bastard who's room I was looking at just called me. Seems the girls pre-empted me and demanded he let a friend move in in my place. I've said before that I don't honestly have a problem with this. I'd have done the same thing in their situation, save I'd have let me know what the ^&*% was going on... ANYway, it appears they wound up shafting him as bad or worse, because now things with this girl have fallen through, so now he needs someone to take the room, and I'm about to sign with this other house. Heh. Well, at least it's nice to know if for some reason things don't work out with the new place, I've got a fantastic fallback option.

I am really getting tired of this paper. My computer has crashed on my twice while I've been writing it. Fucking windows. Gah. I'm strongly tempted to just format my HD, and go exclusive with *nix and *BSD. Only problem is that I can't bear to give up WWP, and that's only designed to run under 'doze. fear

Does anyone know of a good way to do reasonably pretty and intelligent graphs, charts, and so on in *nix? I hate dealing with excel and word. If there were an alternative way to deal with graph generation, I could just learn LaTeX and 'that' whatever 'that' is, and never have to deal with the fucking windows environment save for playing video games. I know gnuplot exists, and have even used it for rudimentary things, but I'm pretty sure it can't do half the thing that excel is capable of. I'm not worried about drag-n-drop kinds of issues, I just want to go from data to pretty visual aids in a wide variety of styles and formats. Ideas? How do people who work in LaTeX generate their visual aids? They can't be using excel, so what gives?

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