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...that she might be a sufficient reason for young Candide

and he for her

April 7th, 2001

sun! @ 02:53 am

welcome! And here I'd given up hope...

Looks like I got a place. The new house I was looking at (actually I've been looking at it all along, but I kind of dropped the dialogue for a while 'cause I thought the other house was about to offer me a room) requested a bio before they made a final decision. I sent one off, and got the following response (the large paragraph is a quote from my message):

From: "Cameron Dezfulian" <cdezfuli@med.umich.edu>
Subject: I love you
To: <jshawkin@eecs.umich.edu>
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 02:17:31 -0400


I proposed to my girlfriend 2 weeks ago, or else I would have given the ring to you!

You really need to save this bit to include on e-mails to prospective blind dates!

All of that gives you kind of an empty shell, though...I like to
laugh. I laugh easily, and sincerely, and loudly. I'm amused by a
disturbing variety of things, and extremely hard to offend by
conventional means. I'm politically liberal. I'd like to think I'm
somewhere to the left of Lenin, but probably I'm nowhere near that far
off center... :) This is not a compatibility issue, however...I'm
pretty open minded. I like to argue. I will often stand behind a
point I either don't care about or wouldn't normally agree with, just
because I'm into the discussion (my friends at school were kind enough
to point this out to me...it was not a conclusion I'd have reached on
my own...).

I love it! Forwarded to everyone; can't see how they wouldn't love you too!


So I figure that's a pretty good sign. Best of all, after all this time I've been out of touch with them, they've sold all the rooms EXCEPT the one I wanted, and that one was the one that they thought they were already about to sell when I talked to them before. Damn. What an upper. Seriously. I need to send more emails to people with the subject "I love you." I nearly wet myself!
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...that she might be a sufficient reason for young Candide

and he for her