John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

Busy Day...


So this morning I dragged my slothful ass out of bed and went to the SOAR group meeting. Interesting as always. It's really cool to be part of a moderately large research group, because it means people around you are doing lots of cool work, but it's all related to your work, so you can actually understand what they're saying when they talk about it. Refreshing.

Then I got in my car and drove to the Secretary of State because the fuckers at Kroger have stopped taking my Driver's License (It's the one I got in HS, one of those shitty laminated ones. And it's falling apart. I can't really fault them, save that I look about 30, so getting carded is stupid. So anyway I went to the S.o.S. (think "DMV"). But the policy for ID acquisition is really out of control here, apparently just got even worse recently. I had to go home and get my passport, because my old driver's license + Photo student ID card + Social Security card were insufficient. Feh. So I made the 40 minute round trip again, and got my license, plus registered to vote, which will be nice. Maybe in 2004 I can actually vote for a presidential candidate FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY FRICKIN LIFE...something ALWAYS goes wrong. I have voted in every election I was eligible for EXCEPT the ones where a president was involved.

So that was good.

Then I went to a bike shop in the middle of ass nowhere to get some of those little leg clippy thingies so that I can ride my bike to class. I started riding in the fall, but it destroyed my pants, and I decided I'd rather avoid that this time around.

Then I rode to campus, which left me SERIOUSLY winded. Hooboy am I ever the model of fitness. I'm determined to start biking to and from class every day. It's just as fast as parking in the commuter lot and taking a shuttle, and it's a hell of a lot better for me. Unfortunately it means I'm pink, sweaty and winded for like the first half an hour on campus each day, but a) it's worth it, and b) hopefully I'll be less of a pussy after a while. :) Like I said, model of fitness. I need to get my bike in for a checkup though. I left it outside ALL WINTER, 'cuz brilliance, and so it's kinda rusty...which is shitty considering I bought it new in september, but it seems to ride okay. Need air in the tires and such, though.

Then after I got here, I called the girl who I thought was my neighbor in the bar like a month ago, and actually took her up on her napkin-offer for a drink. Or my offer. Depends on your perspective. Anyway, so I've got a date for next Friday. She commented that this sounded like an auspicious start, being as it's the 13th. :) Heh.

And then I emailed my family to tell them I wanted to come to the family reunion.

So I'm feeling good about life, even though I've accomplished some of jack, and even more of shit, in terms of academic workload reduction today.

And now I'm going to try to make even that part of life a little better. Proactive is good. Definitely.

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