John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

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decided to sleep through my class today, because I couldn't convince myself to go to sleep before 6 am. ::sigh:: So I woke up at 3, got some groceries, and went upstairs to have dinner with my neighbor Kristy and a couple of her friends. Nice folks, so I had a good time. I had a couple of drinks with dinner, though, so I'm only just getting back to fully functional. It's so hard to sit down and work after that first drink. So now I'm back to coding on my project. I'm tired of this thing. It sounded cute when I started, but it's just sort of pointless and it's very much a devil's in the details sort of endeavor. Bah. I'm looking forward to being done with this so I can just focus my energies on research. Thank god my other class is really easy. Otherwise I'd be in a world of hurt.

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