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problems... code has 'em in droves. But it is written. Writing the first draft is frequently the most painful part for me. Debugging is taxing, but I generally know what my goal is at any given moment. "Fix the next bug." You betcha. Tomorrow I'll debug my code and design the experiments I want to do. C++ kicks so much ass, and it really torques me off that GCC 3.0 isn't out yet. Soon, I know, and I am so drooling at the thought. Oh, god how nice it would be to program in standard C++ the way it was intended, not as a set of neat features to be added into C code, but as an entirely new language. Visual C++ just isn't the same thing. MS is not trying to match the ISO/ANSI standard. They just want to make a good language for 'doze development. Like I even give a rattlesnake's ass.

I ordered a couple of books that reportedly do a good job of introducing the Standard C++ programming idiom. I have Stroustrup and the 'grey book' about the Standard Library, but Stroustrup is didactically ass, and the 'grey book' is exclusively about the library. I need help getting away from C-style code...too ingrained in me. I can either program in Lisp or in C. I have no other options. It pisses me off.

Also at issue is the fact that until the next release of GDB hits the 'shelves' it will not support c++ as cleanly as I might like, but I can wait for those features.

Whoof. I'm going home for a little R&R. The last two days have been more productive than most days in my recent past, so I'm pleased. I intend to maintain this trend. If I can pull this project out on time, things will be going very well. I just have to arrange for my travel in May, get through my last two assignments and my two finals, and I'm in the clear. This is my last hard set of classes. After this I have maybe one hard class left, but I can take it in isolation, so it'll be pretty tolerable, and on a subject I like, besides. I'm really looking forward to just working on my research. I am quite capable of doing good work when I only have one thing to do.

I have real problems working on more than one large task at a time, because I always get distracted from one task by stressing about another. Once I'm doing three or more major things at a time, that gets really problematic. My mother is constantly working on like 9 things at once. She impresses the hell out of me. I don't understand how she does it.

I found a solution to the problem of Wendy's Honey Ham and Chicken sandwiches sucking. Turns out the Spicy Chicken sandwich is excellent, and much more consistent. And if you hold the Mayo and get extra tomatoes, the nutritional value's actually pretty decent, too. I'd really like to lose about 20-30 pounds if I could, and I am really unable to maintain an excercise regime, so reducing caloric intake is the only viable option. But it requires careful thought, because, for example, any plan which requires me to cook my own food (an obvious path to good nutrition) is doomed to failure. I HATE taking the time, and so it just never happens. Also I'm a mediocre cook. So I'm trying to develop plans that allow me to eat on the run and still eat reasonably healthy. We'll see. I've gained about 5 pounds a year for the past 6 years, and so if I could lose even 5 pounds this year, the reversal in the trend would be cause for pride. I don't care about being strong or sexy (both would be nice, of course...), I just want to feel spry and healthy. I felt really good about my body in High School, and I miss that.

Well, I'm going home now...I'll catch up with you all later

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