John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

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::relaxed sigh::

Thank god. Man am I shot.

So I finally wrote the first draft (i.e. hasn't been run yet, presumably hopelessly buggy) of this code I've sat down to work on like four times before. Each time I sit down and get nothing done. It's not because I don't honestly try. I sit and stare at it for hours (HOURS!) and get nowhere. I don't know why, but I was really blocked on it. So today I went to a room with no computers, and rethought the algorithm from the top. Came in and had code written in three hours. God DAMN that feels good. Unfortunately I'm already really behind on this project, but I think this means I'm finally over my programmer's block, which has really been the reason. Tomorrow I'll write the second algorithm, and Sunday I'll debug and write tests. Whoo. A week late and a dollar short, but at least it's progress.

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