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So I drove the 45 minutes to Northville today to get my sprint phone looked at. I explained to the woman that I thought my connection hardware was shot, and explained the symptoms. Half an hour later they come out all proud of themselves because they've gotten my phone to charge by replacing the battery. Duh. "My problem is the phone won't charge once the battery's depleted..." Oooohhhh... Hmmm... Another half an hour: "We've found the problem, you need a software upgrade, but our computer's down, so could you come back another day?"...Yeah. That's my problem...I can't charge my battery because I didn't get the latest software bugfix. ? "I live in ANN ARBOR. I don't want to come back later, I want you to go back in there and fix my goddamn phone, you fucking halfwit." (I'm paraphrasing...:)) They tell me if I can wait 30 mins for them to get the computer up, they can upgrade my software (!) and send me on my way. Fine. Hell, maybe they're right, what the fuck do I know. So I wait. 40 minutes later, "Um, sir? We've got good news and bad news [direct quote]. The good news is we're going to just give you a shiny new phone. The bad news is your phone [gasp!] has a bad connector, so when we tried to upgrade the software we fried it. If you had any important numbers on" I replied that that was hunky dory, and if I could just have my fucking phone I'd be on my merry way.

The moral of the story here is that I hate it that people have to assume, on meeting me, that I'm at or below average intelligence (sad). If the roles were reversed, I'd do the same (hell, in this case I'd have been generous...), so I'm not saying they're in the wrong, but I know I'm an intelligent and careful guy, so when I say I've got a bad connector, and waste 3 hours of my time AND their time because they choose to COMPLETELY ignore any possibility of my knowing what I'm talking about, it kind of pisses me off.

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