John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

Since I already occupy half of your friends page anyway...
The force of will is still doing well, but a) My damn CRT session keeps getting fucked up. Won't refresh unless I click on the screen. ? I thought it was precisely this sort of problem that got me to switch to CRT in the first place... I may reinstall tera term. c->p, r->o, t->s. You betcha. b) There is absolutely no indication of how to do what I want to. Anyone have any idea how to make some sort of internal marker/node/location record inside a quake map? It's not a standard entity. I think maybe I'm supposed to do it outside of the map itself, like in an auxillary text file.. Who am I kidding. I don't know quake maps from the inside of my small intestine.

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