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Some friends and I decided to start a writing project which some people reading this might find engaging. It's a set of four (five) fiction blogs. They are located at:

Fiction Blag
Fiction Blig
Fiction Blug
Fiction Blyg

With a sort of extra auxiliary blog at:

Fiction Bleg

The idea is we rotate authors around the four blogs every couple of days. The
point is to write, not to write well, so they may be terrible. But feel free
to follow along!


I'm totally excited to note that we now have hi-fidelity electric sheep in our lobby at work. I had no part in the creation of the sweetness, but I had a hell of a lot to do with jumping the bureaucratic hurdles to get it set up, and it's fricking gorgeous. Spot's loaning it to us for a couple of months. I wish I had the resources to buy one from him for myself. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. But at least for the next chunk of time, I can go spend a few minutes each day staring at it and feeling happy.
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Verizon Math

God. I need to start tape recording my conversations with phone reps. Is that legal? I don't really care if it's ethical, there needs to be more exposition like this of how shockingly stupid people can be. (NOTE: I fully respect there are smart tech support people. I also wish I had recordings of some of the amazingly savvy and on-point conversations I've had with non-morons. But they are certainly diamonds in the rough.)

I say this after reading this blog and then looking at XKCD's contribution. Funny stuff. I nearly wet myself reading that transcript. Oh, man. I have soo been there.
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Good weekend!

Friday: My employer threw a rather large holiday party. I went and ate and drank and danced. It was sweet.

Saturday: Threw a party for virginwolf and broke in the newly decorated condo. SO much fun. My beautiful girlfriend took some photographs. Did I mention she rocks the camera? Little bit.

Sunday: Took some Mii time to play with my Wii.

Matt cooked us dinner, which was tasty. Went to a housewarming party and ate awesome scones.
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Getting killed at a zebra crossing

So, it turns out that Yahoo has a shuttle that picks up the same place as the one I take in the mornings. But I'm not a real consistent shuttle user, lately, so I was prepared to accept that things had changed a bit.

Shuttle is white? Okay, fine, maybe we ran out of the other ones.

I don't recognize any of these people? Well, he looks familiar, and I think I saw a badge over there. And hell, they're all geeks with laptops out and backpacks on.

Driver doesn't check for ID? Guess this guy's a little more laid back. Good to know in case I forget my badge...

Shoreline exit fading in the rear view mirror? Um excuse me...yeah, you with the...oh, with the yahoo logo on your backpack...where is this shuttle going? I said, where is this shuttle going?

"Ah...right then."
"I guess you didn't mean to get on the Yahoo shuttle?"
"Not so much."

After taking an extra leg to Santa Clara, and then a taxi back, you lose a lot of the "fast and cheap" benefit of the whole shuttle plan.
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So, my place is finally getting painted, among other things, and I expect it to be pretty dang awesome by the end of the month. It's already looking really cool. Very exciting. Amusingly, I had forgotten that gleemie suggested I paint my condo the colors from my LJ, and I had not intended to do that, but what's funny is that's actually essentially what I've done, though notably I did not stop there. Not counting the grey for the projector "screen" or varied sheens, I'm using 8 different colors. And my entire kitchen is painted in chalkboard. Not just the color -- it's actually a giant chalkboard. Turns out that's a simple matter of using the right paint.

Also I bought huge couches and comfy easy chairs, and a giant mirror for the hallway. This place is going to be frickin' awesome when it's all finished. And it's going to be 80% of the way there by December. I'll post pictures once things settle down.

In other news, I'm dating somebody for, let's see, six weeks, now? Around there, anyway. So that's awesome. And I've recovered from the knee injury and subsequent sprained ankle finally, so I went for a hike on Sunday and a run this morning, and I'm so very pleased by that.
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Scott Draves

This guy is really quite amazing. I'm jealous of his life path. I've decided I want to know more about what goes on inside electric sheep. I'm worried that I don't have near enough math background to follow the actual engine behind fractal flames, but the shit is fully open source so I'm allowed to _try_. The first order of business, I guess, is to convert my home desktop to a linux box. I'm debating the wisdom of that plan, for obvious reasons (windows actually _works_, and I can play _games_ on it) but I think my life will be markedly improved if the fun thing I do when I get home from work is hack on code, and I have two projects, one minor and one major, that would be totally worthwhile to play with, and neither is particuarly work related.

One is rewriting my color scheme randomizer in a more general way using Ruby instead of Python. This will a) teach me ruby b) give me more control over random color schemes, and c) let me finally contribute my favorite (yes, it's trivial, but I love it every single day) coding accomplishment of the last five years to the general public. Hell, if I do it correctly it probably won't even that hard to work it into emacs, but I'll leave that to somebody who cares, because the second project will be:

Learning more about electric sheep and understanding how the system ticks both in terms of the distributed system and in terms of the fractal rendering. I'm better equipped than most people on earth to understand the former, and I figure I can work my way through the latter. Worst case maybe I'll pick up a book or class or three on chaos and fractals. I mean how hard can it be really, right? ::whimper::

Meantime, I'm going to try to talk Draves into coming and giving a talk. Failing that maybe I can stand him a pint some time.

Edit: ::grimace:: Well, plan A was somewhat stymied by Ubuntu's inability to handle displaying X on my hardware configuration. I suppose I'll have to hack at that some time when...well, when I have some time. Not really what I wanted that path to look like, but I'm not exactly shocked. ::sigh::
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Not confirmed yet, but I might have Dr. Love for a roommate soon. Yay! ::claps happily::

Edit: Or not. Rats.
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